Yokohama Tyres

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160/520R13 N2669

The control front slick for Sports 2000 Racing and the control tyre for 750 Formula
£106.00 excl vat

160/520R13 N2701

The control front Wet for Sports 2000 racing and the favoured wet for 750 Formula
£128.50 excl vat

165/60R12 A539

£48.75 excl vat

165/70R10 A008

£45.00 excl vat

165/70R10 A032R

£52.50 excl vat

170/590R13 (185/70R13) N2971 A021R

The control tyre for BriSCA F2, Stock Rods, Lightning Rods and the control Tarmac tyre for National Saloon Stock Cars. Please note this tyre is for Competition use only and not road legal
£45.84 excl vat

175R13 RY818

The Right Rear control tyre for Brisca F2 Stock Cars
£52.09 excl vat

180/650R15 A053

The latest gravel tyre from Yokohama. Used now in Brisca F1 Stock Cars.
£132.50 excl vat

185/65R14 86T Blu Earth ES32

The 2020 control tyre for National Saloon Stock Cars
£37.50 excl vat

185/70R13 86Q A035

The A035 asymmetrical gravel tyre from Japan. Strong construction offered in a range of compound's providing a tyre suitable for both the novice and the professional. MSA - Tyre List 6
£78.50 excl vat

190/580R15 (195/50R15) N2960 A048

The A048 utilises a single block tread design for improved footprint and stiffness which provides enhanced steering response and cornering stability. A tried and tested tyre in all kinds of competition. Now only available in Medium Compound and no longer legal for road use. The 190/580R15 is the control tyre for the 750 Motor Club Clio 182 Championship, each competitor is allowed upto 20 tyres per season and each tyre must be barcoded
£81.00 excl vat

195/50R15 AD08R

£58.50 excl vat

205/45R16 AD08R

£79.50 excl vat

205/45R17 AD08R

£93.50 excl vat

205/50R15 AD08R

£73.50 excl vat

205/50R16 A052

The A052 from Yokohama is the successor to the incredibly popular A048-R ultra high performance / track tyre. The A052 is a road legal tyre designed with motorsport in mind and features an asymmetric high rigidity tread pattern with an all new 'Sport Compound' providing controlled handling and extreme grip on both wet and dry surfaces. Ideal for ultra high performance road driving, track days, sprints, hill climbs and other sealed surface racing. E-Marked for road use, MSA List 1B
£149.00 excl vat

205/65R15 A036

£132.50 excl vat

215/40R17 AD08R

£99.00 excl vat

225/40R18 AD08R

£96.00 excl vat

225/45R16 AD08R

£85.00 excl vat