Circuit Racing

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160/520R13 N2669

The control front slick for Sports 2000 Racing and the control tyre for 750 Formula
£106.00 excl vat

185/60R13 CR28

£102.50 excl vat

Castrol React Performance Brake Fluid

Castrol Response DOT 4 brake fluid is specially formulated to meet the demanding requirements of modern high performance brake and clutch systems with the exception of vehicles with mineral oil systems. Castrol Response has a boiling point of 265 degrees celcius which enables the fluid to operate at a high level throughout its service life, offering system protection together with ultimate braking confidence. It is recommended that the brake fluid is to be changed every two years to optimise braking performance.
£9.95 excl vat

160/520R13 N2701

The control front Wet for Sports 2000 racing and the favoured wet for 750 Formula
£128.50 excl vat

175/60R13 A539

£50.00 excl vat

185/60R13 A539

£52.09 excl vat

185/60R13 CF2 - Enduroka

The control tyre for the Enduroka Championship. The tyres will be supplied buffed to 5mm and branded as per the championship regulations
£50.00 excl vat

200/50R13 N3005

The control rear slick for Sports 2000 racing
£133.75 excl vat