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2.0 Hot Rods

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TRS Nascar 75mm 5 Point Harness - Superlite

The same as the standard 3" Nascar Harness but fitted with the Aluminium shoulder adjusters which are lighter and much smoother to adjust
£82.50 excl vat

9.0/20x13 A10 Slick

The control tyre for Classic Hot Rods and the tyre of choice for Outlaw Hot Rods
£150.00 excl vat

9.0/20x13 A10 Wet

The control wet tyre for Classic Hot Rods
£168.50 excl vat

Tran-X Salisbury LSD - English Axle

Supplied with 22 tooth side gears and new side bearings
£499.00 excl vat

Tran-X English LSD - English Axle

The Tran-X powered by Quaife LSD is a multiple plate limited slip differential. It features two ramp blocks sandwiching two planet carrier pins which sit in the radius between the leading and trailing ramp angle. As torque is applied to the differential’s input, the pins ride up their respective leading ramps, pushing the blocks apart and increasing the transfer of torque across the axle. The angle of this ramp determines how quickly this transfer occurs within the LSD. An angle of 35 degrees allows the blocks to be pushed apart more readily than a 55 degree setting, resulting in a more aggressive differential locking action. Plus, the preload setting dictates the contact friction between the plates themselves. The higher the preload, the more rapidly friction increases between the plates, creating a more aggressive locking action. Combined with the ramp angles, the preload allows subtle adjustments to the torque transfer characteristics allowing users to alter the dynamic balance of their car. Typical settings for a lightweight track car would be 45/90, allowing progressive application of power for optimum acceleration. Some Tran-X powered by Quaife differentials feature dual ramp blocks, allowing ramp angles to be changed between two combinations, for example track and fast road settings (disassembly and reassembly of the LSD is required). We also offer a less aggressive ‘super-lightweight’ plate setting (preload 10-15 lbsft) for certain road and kit car applications to optimise performance and reduce operating noise.
£599.00 excl vat

3J Driveline Gear Kit - National Hot Rod Ratio's

Original ratio's for National Hot Rods, now mainly used in 2.0 Hot Rods and Classic Hot Rods. Ratio's = 1st-2.48, 2nd-1.69, 3rd-1.61
£699.00 excl vat

Castrol B373 LSD Oil

Castrol B373 designed for use in Limited Slip Diffs
£8.33 excl vat

Screw In Quickshift Gearlever

Quickshift gear lever for 4 speed Ford Gearboxes
£35.00 excl vat

3 Bolt Fixing Quickshift Gearlever

3 bolt fixing Quickshift Gearlever for Sierra type boxes and our Quaife Tailhousing Kit's
£35.00 excl vat

HANS only - TRS Magnum 75mm 6 Point Harness - FIA Approved

FIA approved 75mm 6 point saloon harness with steel adjusters on the shoulder straps and lap straps. 50mm upper shoulder straps for use only with HANS device, eyebolts included. • FIA approved 8853/98 Saloon Harness • 6 point snap hook fixings • 75mm shoulder and lap straps • 50mm upper shoulder straps • Steel adjusters on lap and shoulders • HANS ONLY
£120.00 excl vat

TRS Magnum 75mm 6 Point Harness - FIA Approved

FIA approved 75mm 6 point saloon harness. Suit saloon or GT car. Includes eyebolt's. • FIA approved 8853/98 Saloon Harness • 6 point snap hook fixings • 75mm shoulder and lap straps • Steel adjusters on lap and shoulders • HANS friendly
£120.00 excl vat

3/4" x 3/4" Oversized Rod end for Steering Column

2 Locknuts are included
£10.42 excl vat

Longacre Quick Release Hub

Hex Hub - push button release Welds to 3/4" steering shaft Aluminum hub Includes a second safety groove 3 Mounting holes – 5/16" on a 1-3/4" bolt circle (hole distance 1-1/2" center-to-center)
£30.00 excl vat